Barbara L. Lundrigan

Morphometrics Skull and WarpAssistant Professor of Zoology, Curator of Mammalogy and Ornithology

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1988
404/405 Giltner (Lab) 517-353-5396
318 Museum
Office Telephone: 517-355-6752
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Mammalian Systematics; Patterns of Behavioral and Morphological Evolution

My research integrates data from a variety of sources -- behavior, morphology, and molecules -- to address questions in mammalian evolution. Recent examples include a comparative study of the relationship between rodent skull ontogeny and life-history strategies (with M. Zelditch), a comparative study of morphological and behavioral ontogeny in carnivores (with K. Holekamp), and exploration of rapid changes in the geographical ranges of small mammals in the Great Lake's region (with P. Myers).  I encourage my graduate students to work on projects of thir own design within the broad relam of ecology, behavior, morphology, and systematics of mammals.

Representative Publications

Lundrigan, B.L., S. Jansa, and P.K. Tucker (2002) Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Mus based on maternally, paternally, and bi-parentally inherited characters. Systematic Biology 51: 410-431.

Zelditch, M., J. Mezey, D. Sheets, B.L. Lundrigan, and T. Garland, Jr. (2006) Developmental regulation of skull  morphology II: Ontogenetic dynamics of covariance. Evolution and Development 8:  46-60.

Myers, P., B. Lundrigan, S. Hoffman, A. Haraminac, and  S. Seto (2009) Climate-induced changesin the small mammal communities of the northern Great Lakes. Global Change Biology 15: 1434–1454.

Tanner, J.B., M. Zelditch, B. Lundrigan, and K.E. Holekamp (2010) Ontogenetic change in skull  morphology and mechanical advantage in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta). Journal of Morphology 271: 353-365.

LaCroix, S., M.L. Zelditch, J.A. Shivik, B.L. Lundrigan, and K.E. Holekamp (2011) Ontogeny of feeding performance and biomechanics in coyotes. Journal of Zoology, London 285:301-315.