John P. Giesy

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1974
Currently at University of Saskatchewan: see Research site

Environmental Toxicology in Aquatic Ecosystems

My primary research focus is on the fates and effects of trace contaminants, especially in aquatic systems. We seek to understand the relative importance of trace contaminants such as metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides and industrial chemicals such as PCBs and dioxins in limiting wildlife populations. We study accumulation by and effects of these classes of compounds on fish, birds and mammals. We study the biochemical mechanisms of action and determine population, community and ecosystem-level effects. Our studies are designed to separate the effects of contaminants from those of other limiting factors such as habitat, nutrition and disease. When effects are observed in field populations we design studies that involve toxicology, analytical chemistry and ecology to determine the most likely causes. Recently we have been studying the effects of chlorinated hydrocarbons on fish-eating colonial water birds, eagles and mink. Our studies take us from the laboratory to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Representative Publications

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