Patrick M. Muzzall

Professor and Undergraduate Programs Director

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, 1978

423 Natural Science Building
Office Telephone: 517-355-1234


My research interests focus on parasitology and ichthyology, with a species interest in aquatic parasitology. My research has been in parasite taxonomy, and the ecology, host-parasite relationships, population biology, community diversity, and pathology of the hosts caused by the parasites. I am interested in the parasites and diseases of fish in nature as well as those raised in culture conditions in Michigan and the Great Lakes area. I am summarizing the parasites of fish in the Great Lakes and from the inland waters of Michigan. This work is establishing a taxonomic base of parasites of fish in the Great Lakes area. Once these parasitological data are compiled, they can be separated and analyzed by a variety of abiotic and biotic variables.

Fishing is a major attraction in Michigan and my parasitological investigations are providing a knowledge base and valuable insight to the fisheries biologist about the health of individual fish, as well as the fish populations in nature. I am also interested in the parasites of amphibians. Invertebrates (mollusks, amphipods, isopods, and mayfly larvae) are also being collected and examined for parasites, and the role they play as intermediate hosts for parasites is being investigated.

Representative Publications

Muzzall, P.M. and M. Andrus. 2014. Helminths of the American Toad, Anaxyrus americanus americanus, and Fowler’s Toad Anaxyrus fowlerifrom the Silver Creek area and Lake Michigan shoreline in Western Michigan, U.S.A. Accepted-Comp. Parasitol.

Muzzall, P.M. and J.G. Mychek-Londer. 2014. Echinorhynchus salmonis (Acanthocephala: Echinorhynchidae) in the Spoonhead Sculpin, Cottus ricei (Scorpaeniformes: Cottidae) from Lake Superior, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Accepted-Comp. Parisitol.

Muzzall, P. M. and C. P. Madenjian. 2013. Parasites of bloater, Corgonus hoyi, from Lake Michigan, U.S.A.  Accepted-Comp. Parasitol.

Muzzall, P. M. V. Cook, and D. J. Sweet. 2011. Helminths of kingfishers, Megaceryle alcyon Linnaeus, 1758 from a fish hatchery in Ohio, U.S.A.  Comp. Parasitol. 78:367-372.

Muzzall, P. M. and G. Whelan. 2011. Parasites of fish from the Great Lakes: a synopsis and review of the literature, 1871-2010.  Great Lakes Fish. Comm. Misc. Publ. 2011-01. 560 pp.