Online Courses

The Department of Zoology offers online sections for three of our core undergraduate courses: ZOL/PLB 355 (Ecology), ZOL/PLB 341 (Fundamental Genetics) and ZOL 402 (Neurobiology).

Following is a video sampler of what students can expect from these courses. (requires Apple Quicktime)

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Check the bottom of this page for comments from students talking about their experience in ZOL 355.

Here are some screenshots from the Genetics course:

Why online courses?

Online teaching has become increasingly widespread at American universities. However, far from merely jumping on the bandwagon, we have given serious thought to the question of how the educational experiences we offer our students can be advanced by offering online sections of our courses.  We see three arguments in favor of offering online sections:

Regardless of delivery method (classroom or online), our paramount concern is to provide a learning experience that is scientifically rigorous and gives students opportunities for intellectual engagement.


Instructor for ZOL/PLB 355:  Dr. Stephen Thomas (
Instructor for ZOL/PLB 341:  Dr. Terri McElhinny (
Instructor for ZOL 402:  Dr. Lynwood Clemens (

Student comments about Zoology 355: