How to Get an Override

An override is permission to enroll in a class under special circumstances.  An override could be given, for example, for access to a locked section of a class.  If you have not completed the prerequisite cours(s), you are NOT likely to receive an override.   More on prerequisites and locked sections.

NOTE: An override only reserves a space for you. It does NOT enroll you in the course.  Once you have been told that your override has been processed, YOU MUST THEN GO INTO THE COMPUTER  ENROLLMENT SYSTEM AND ADD THE COURSE TO YOUR SCHEDULE.



ZOL 341, Fundamental Genetics


ZOL 341 any semester:

  1. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis using the University enrollment system (Schedule of Courses).   
  2. ENROLL ASAP at your assigned enrollment time / date to be sure you get a seat.  Find your time / date in STUINFO.

Once the course is full, FOLLOW THESE STEPS   (If you contact the Zoology department, the Zoology staff will direct you to these same steps) :

STEP 1:     DO NOT CONTACT the professor or the department main office for an override. 

STEP 2:    Keep looking for a seat on the computer enrollment system.


STEP 3:     Add your name to the electronic override request list, if it is available for that semester.
To see when and if this is available  Go to

If you choose not to put your name on the electronic list, you may also go to the first meeting of the class in the semester and ask to be added to the waiting list that the professor already has. 






Override procedure for other ZOL classes:


About overrides for ZOL 341 


STEP 1: keep trying to get a seat on the computer enrollment system.

the Zoology instructor / professor can give you permission for an override.

Contact the instructor / professor directly to discuss an override.  DO NOT CALL.  Use E MAIL ONLY.

Lab classes - if they are full - may not be able to add you. There are very limited spaces and a finite amount of equipment.  You can ask the professor if there is a waiting list and if you could be added to it.





Override procedure for non-ZOL courses:


STEP 1: keep trying on the computer enrollment system.


Overrides must be requested directly from the department offering the course. For example, for a BS class go to the BS dept., for a CEM class go to the CEM dept., for a HST class go to the HST dept., etc.




Commonly requested overrides:


BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES PROGRAM (BioSci or BS 161,162, 171,172, etc.)
Office: N218 North Kedzie
(students must go to THIS office in person.)

Department of CHEMISTRY  Undergraduate Program
Apparently requests can be made on line.  Use the Course Override Form link.

Department of MATHEMATICS

Department of PHYSICS and Astronomy
See the Undergraduate Program Information

Department of PSYCHOLOGY
Look under Undergraduate Program then  scroll down the Course Information page