Internship information for STUDENTS:

Many workplaces offer internships to current college / university students.  For example, zoos and aquaria, businesses and government agencies (to name a few options)  all offer internships.  Students participating in an internship also have the option of receiving academic credit at the same time by enrolling in an internship course.








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Internships: frequently asked questions (FAQ)



Why should you do an internship?

An internship placement is a capstone experience to your college education.  Here you can apply classroom knowledge to a specific work setting.

It is an opportunity to explore a career.  You will learn the mechanics of a facility, which will help you  when you are interviewing for a job later.  You can be sure you enjoy that career.

You will meet people who will be connections to post-graduation jobs.  Some of these people might be references for you later, too.








What about getting credit?




How do you prepare for an internship?