Bachelor of Science in Zoology and its concentrations

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B.S. Zoology  with a concentration in:

These requirement lists are for informational purposes. Students are expected to check with their advisor at least once a year to verify requirements and to discuss program planning and course selection.

Unless otherwise noted, each concentration requires a minimum of 33 credits in departmental requirements.




Concentration Requirements BEFORE FS 07:

A student who was first enrolled at MSU BEFORE FS 07 may choose to complete the "older" set of concentration requirements.  Neither the method (whether the student entered MSU as a freshman or a transfer student) nor the student's previous major matter here.  The sole determining factor is whether the first semester enrolled at MSU was before FS 07 or FS 07 and later.  Requirments for two concentrations (Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology and Zoo & Aquarium Science) did NOT change.